Public Art / Botley GAP

As a requirement of the West Way Square development, the developers Mace had to provide £46,000 specifically for public art in and around the shopping centre. This figure will now be supplemented by £9000+ after after Mace won their appeal to add a 9th storey in phase 2 of the development.

North Hinksey Parish Council with the guidance of the District Council Arts Officer and informed by public consultation, issued a brief to artists at the end of 2020. They received 12 responses, interviewed and selected 3 of them to work with the community to create a series of public artworks. The artists selected are :

Fusion Arts will be managing the community consultation. Background documents on the process between Nov 2020 and April 2021 can be found online here.

Meanwhile, Botley GAP (Gateway Art Project) has formed to improve the gateway to Botley – the area under the A34 – with a vibrant art project working with Nor and the community. Although it doesn’t mark any official boundary, that point on the map is a transition and a gateway to Botley and areas beyond and is in desperate need of improvement.

Botley Gap Logo

Botley GAP is a working party of people who are keen to improve the gateway area as part of the wider project focusing specifically on the gateway area. There is a need to raise more funding and get grants or local and national businesses involved. Only part of the section 106 money can be spent outside the shopping area and so more funding is required if we really want to make the most of this opportunity.

Find out more on the Botley GAP Facebook and Instagram pages. To get involved with the Botley GAP project contact Cllr Laura Jones.

There will be opportunities to get involved in community consultation on all parts of the public art project in the months to come. Please check our home page news items for the latest information. For general queries email