Neighbourhood Plan

The North Hinksey Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2031 has been developed over a number of years by a group of volunteers initiated by, but run independently from the Parish Council. The Plan was approved by 88% of local residents voting in a referendum on 6 May 2021, and subsequently ‘made’ by the Vale of White Horse District Council on 18 May 2021. Details about this process can be found on the VoWHDC website.

The requirements of policies in our Neighbourhood Plan now join the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the VoWHDC Local Plan 2031 policies plus the Botley Centre SPD as part of the legislation that all planning applications in our Parish are considered against, and must meet in order to be approved.

You can download copies of the Plan and separate Appendices here:

North Hinksey Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2031 (made version)

North Hinksey Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2031 Appendices (made version)

In addition a number of important support documents were produced alongside the Plan and they are referenced in some of the policies. Copies of these documents can be downloaded here:

North Hinksey Parish Character Assessment (Jan 2018)

North Hinksey Groundwater Assessment (Jul 2017)

Buildings of local importance (Oct 2018)

Provision of leisure facilities (Jan 2018)

More information on Neighbourhood Plans: