Parish Poll results

Parish Poll results

Thank you to everyone who turned out to vote at the Parish Poll held on 9th June . The results are as follows:

  • Turnout 425
  • Electorate 4081 
  • 10.4% turnout

On the motion: Should North Hinksey Parish Council offer 4th Oxford Scouts a new lease of the Scout Hut, restoring their previous rights and ensuring that they can continue to invest in young people and thrive as a large multi-section Scout Group with over 100 members?

  • Yes: 317
  • No: 107
  • 1 disallowed  paper

On the motion: Should North Hinksey Parish Council offer 4th Oxford Scouts a new lease of the Scout Hut, restoring their previous rights?

  • Yes: 316
  • No: 108
  • 1 disallowed  paper.

This will be an agenda item at the next full parish council meeting which begins at 7:30pm on 24th June.

Official notices:

Neighbourhood Plan approved

Neighbourhood Plan approved

The North Hinksey Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2031 was approved in the Referendum held on 6th May by 1434 votes for to 191 against, an approval rate of 88%. Thank you to all who voted and the many people who worked on the Plan over the last seven years. We are pleased to see that the Cumnor Parish Neighbourhood Plan was also approved

For more details about the North Hinksey Parish Neighbourhood Plan 2031 and to download a copy see our Neighbourhood Plan page.

Survey on proposed 20mph zone in Botley

Survey on proposed 20mph zone in Botley

Have your say: Should North Hinksey Parish be a 20mph zone?

This question was proposed by Councillor Alisatair Bastin at the Annual Parish Meeting in March and he requested that the Parish Council should consider holding an online survey in order to gauge parishioners’ opinions more widely. A poll was taken with 87 in favour and 8 against so it was agreed to go ahead with the survey.

Complete the survey here.

Reasons for voting Yes include:

  • Air Quality – it takes more than twice as much energy to go from 0 to 30mph as it does to go from 0 to 20mph, so more than twice as much pollution from exhausts and brake dust. Reducing the speed limit will reduce pollution and improve air quality.
  • Road Safety – 20mph zones reduce injury accidents (including to children) by as much as two thirds. See details here.
  • 20mph is the standard for residential roads in Oxford City since 2009.

Read more about the national Twenty is Plenty campaign at

Join our Mural Working Group

Join our Mural Working Group

Mural working party for A34 bridge: we are looking for members of the public to join councillors working with local artists on planning a mural for the main entrance to Botley: the pedestrian, cycle and traffic underpass under the A34 on Botley Road. This is your chance to get involved in transforming a tired and drab area into a vibrant gateway to Botley and the west of Oxford, helping to improve the perception of our community and cheer up commuters, locals and visitors for many years to come. 

This is one part of a public art project for the West Way Square shopping and residential area made possible by Section 106 money earmarked for public art in and around the new development. The Parish Council will soon be announcing the artists and community engagement project for this public art and the mural project is likely to be the first part of the project. We need enthusiastic people to help us work with an artist, the public, and Highways England, and to help fundraise for more money to extend and maintain the project for years to come.

To get involved or find out more contact Councillor Laura Jones.

More information on the Public Art project here.

Join the Skatepark Working Group

Join the Skatepark Working Group

We need you on the skatepark working group! The Parish Council has agreed to set up a working group to help deliver on our key objective of “Engaging young people in the design and provision of a skate park.” We need skaters of all ages and anyone interested in delivering this facility. The working group members will be invited to join the Recreation & Amenities Committee meeting online at 7pm on Thursday 29th April where the remit of the Working Group and its Council members will be agreed.

To find out more and volunteer to join the working group contact Councillor Caroline Potter.

UPDATE: Support Grants now extended to April 16th

UPDATE: Support Grants now extended to April 16th

Open to 16th April: the Vale’s grant scheme to help residents affected by the pandemic to buy food and keep their homes warm this winter has been extended to April 16th.   Citizens AdviceSouth and Vale and Wantage Independent Advice Centre will now distribute this funding out on behalf of the District Council.

The advice centres can support people with supermarket vouchers for food and fuel vouchers to top up prepayment meters or with paying a heating bill. This will be alongside their usual package of advice and support around budget management, debt and benefit advice and any other assistance the resident may need signposting towards.  

If you have received a food voucher from a previous scheme, or indeed support via free meals or any other route, you can still apply for a Winter Support Grant.  

Anyone in need of support should contact their local advice centre. Those in immediate and urgent need should, as always, contact the Community Hub on 01235 422600.  You can also contact your nearest Botley Responder street rep for help and support.

UPDATED: March roadworks and closures

UPDATED: March roadworks and closures

UPDATE 13th March: UPDATE: more roadworks this weekend… there are also closures to the A34 northbound carriageway for the section to the south of the Botley A420/A34 roundabout, which might be in place until 6am on Monday. This is in addition to the A420 roadworks we reported before and the closure at the bottom of Westminster Way.

From 8th March two separate sets of road closures come into effect. See the separate entries on the Westminster Way roadworks (6 months) and the temporary overnight closures on the A420.

New date for Green Spaces Workshop

New date for Green Spaces Workshop

Monday 22nd March 7pm – 8.30pm: Public online meetingLooking after our green spaces and wildlife

Join us to discuss ideas for how we can create a better natural environment.


  • Roselle Chapman, Wild Oxfordshire
  • Catriona Bass, Nature recovery Network, Eynsham.
  • Updates on local projects and ideas.

The meeting will discuss:

  • How can we work together to look after our existing green spaces?
  • Possible new projects including community food growing
  • Can we create new or better spaces for wildlife within the parish?

We will also talk about setting up a community-run nature group. If you’d like to see an even greener Botley, please come along, hear about what is happening and share your ideas.

Roselle Chapman, from the Wild Oxfordshire local charity (, works with community groups across the county.

Catriona Bass is from the successful Eynsham ‘Nature Recovery Network’ who are doing great work ( ) and are already collaborating with our neighbours on Cumnor Parish Council.

Annual Parish Meeting 18th March

Annual Parish Meeting 18th March

Join the Annual Parish Meeting online on Zoom, 7.30pm on Thursday 18th March.

Reminder: please pre-register and send your address to the Clerk by email if you want to vote in the meeting.

Attendance can be booked via Eventbrite at this link

Meeting link:

  • Meeting ID: 831 2339 4822
  • Passcode: 288143

All parishioners are welcome to join online on video and audio. Attendees will have their microphones set to mute unless they are presenting, asking or answering a question. You can choose whether or not to have your camera on (if you have one) but we hope most of you will so we can recreate as close to a physical meeting as possible. Attendees should also display their full name (not e.g. “Janes iPad”), for tips on how to do this and full instructions for how the meeting will work please download this document: APM 2021: how it will work.

  • Download the Agenda here.
  • Attendance can be booked via Eventbrite at this link
  • Voting on questions at the meeting is open to those on the North Hinksey electoral roll. Please pre-register to vote by emailing with your name and address. Otherwise you will be asked to provide your details during the meeting if you would like to vote.

The first half of the meeting will cover a number of topics, including updates on our Key Objectives including how to get involved in public art plans for West Way Square and under the A34 flyover, local community response to COVID-19 and our Climate Emergency plans. We have also invited representative of the local Police and the Patient Participation Group to give updates and answer questions. The second half will be devoted to the plans for a new pavilion and other future improvements to the Louie Memorial Playing Fields. 

There will be open question sessions at the end of each section, questions received by noon on Monday 15th March will be addressed first, but there will be time for additional questions asked on the night. We will unmute your line if you are asking a question. Please use the Raise Your Hand function if you have an additional question not submitted beforehand and we will try to fit these in depending on time.

A420 overnight road closures

A420 overnight road closures

A420 Temporary Road Closures Northbound 8th to 10th March, Southbound 10th to 13th March.

To facilitate carriageway patching works and in the interests of public safety, it will be necessary for Oxfordshire County Council to close the road and impose a ‘No Waiting’ restriction as detailed below.

  • Northbound carriageway: between 20:00 and 06:00 from 8th March up to and including 10th March 2021.
  • Southbound carriageway: between 20:00 and 06:00 from 10th March up to and including 13th March 2021.

Access will be maintained for emergency service vehicles and for those frontages within the closure area, subject to the progress of the works and liaison with the works supervisor. 

See the drawings for the extent of the closure and restriction and also the alternative route for traffic.  Further information regarding the works may be obtained by contacting Mo Clark,Oxfordshire County Council on 0345 310 11 11. Quote TTRO (T8470)  for Northbound, TTRO (T8466) for Southbound