Playgrounds now open again

Playgrounds now open again

NHPC play areas now open. Please observe COVID-19 guidelines posted.

We know that closure has been difficult, especially for our youngest residents. Thank you for your patience and support as we ensure that we re-open our play areas as safely as possible.

UPDATE:  West Way access and crane works

UPDATE: West Way access and crane works

West Way access and crane works: updated dates – 29th June, 30th June and 2nd July: SDC have informed us that they have a number of crane lifts planned in association with finishing works to Block B1 of the site. This will result in closure of the site access road from Westminster Way.

The first lift is due to take place on Wednesday 17th June with a further 3 lifts taking place Monday 29th  June, Tuesday 30th June, and again on Thursday 2nd July. The crane will be sited behind the Chancellors temporary office and each lift will result in closure of the road for the whole day. There will be signage in place to warn of the closures with barriers and banksmen present on lift days. Vehicle access to the Co-Op car park will, as before, be via Elms Parade. Pedestrian access will remain in place along Westminster Way with access to and from the Co-Op direct from West Way or via Elms Parade.

A34 closure 19th – 22nd June

A34 closure 19th – 22nd June

Resurfacing will close A34 northbound from the A423 Hinksey Hill junction to the A420 Botley Interchange from 9pm on Friday 19 June through to 6am on Monday 22 June 2020. All traffic will be routed via Oxford ring road. North Hinksey will remain accessible via the southbound carriageway.

Full details below take from email received from Highways England as follows:

A34 South Hinksey Northbound Carriageway Repairs

We will be carrying out extensive resurfacing of the A34 northbound carriageway at South Hinksey, to ensure the network remains in a safe and serviceable condition.

The work will involve replacing all layers of the carriageway down to the foundations and placing the new surfacing in two separate layers. This work cannot be completed during an overnight closure because of the time needed for each layer to harden.  Therefore, this work will be done whilst fully closing the A34 northbound carriageway over an entire weekend period from 9pm on Friday 19 June through to 6am on Monday 22 June 2020.

For the safety of our workforce and customers, the A34 northbound carriageway will be closed from the A423 Hinksey Hill junction to the A420 Botley Interchange. The southbound carriageway is unaffected by these works.

During the closure, all northbound A34 traffic will be diverted via the Oxford ring-road. Access to North Hinksey and South Hinksey will be maintained via the A34 southbound carriageway only (see map in the attached letter).

As delays are expected during these weekend closures, we advise that you plan your journey to allow extra time or avoid this route where possible.

In advance of previous similar closures last year, we were asked if a dedicated access point could be maintained for South Hinksey village from the Hinksey Hill junction. Whilst we appreciate the impact on South and North Hinksey residents during the weekend closure, safety must always be the focus and the arrangements which will be in place are considered the safest option to manage the heavy volume of fast flowing traffic anticipated during the works. As a result, we are regrettably unable to provide access for residents in this location from the northbound carriageway.

Please be aware that due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, all our works are subject to change due to available resource by our Supply Chain, as well as possible adverse weather conditions – please check the yellow signs placed in advance alongside the road for confirmation of the closures dates/timings.

We would like to apologise in advance for any inconvenience or disturbance experienced during our work. If you have any questions, or if you’d like you know more about our work please email us at or call us on 0300 123 5000.

Yours faithfully

Kathryn Blofield

Area 3 Communications Coordinator

South East Region

West Way new planning application: deadline extended to 3rd June

West Way new planning application: deadline extended to 3rd June

Nine storeys and 30 flats extra proposed, have your say by 3rd June (extended from 30th May). Botley Development Company (BDC) has submitted an application for changes to the plans for the residential block in phase 2 of the West Way redevelopment. The changes are to add an extra storey taking it from 8 to 9 storeys to include an extra 30 flats. This is open for comments from the public until 30th May.

You can access the application to read and comment here (it can take a minute to load).

North Hinksey Parish Council have objected to this planning application. We have based our comments on material grounds and guided by the comments sent in by District Councillor Debby Hallett when she called in the application, meaning it has to be discussed at a District Council Planning Meeting. Debby has permitted us to share her comments as information for all parishioners:

“I am writing to call in the above application, which is a modification of the approved plans for part of West Way in Botley. It adds 30 flats and height to the building called Block A.
There are a few concerns:

  1. This increases the height and presence of an already very tall building in Botley, which as you know, is a largely low-rise residential area. There was much public outcry over the original height. Now that another of the tall buildings is nearing completion, the public are dismayed at how prevalent the Big White Building is from all views of the area from Elms Rise and elsewhere. 
  2. For all the new flats proposed, there is no increase in parking provision. You may recall when the original permission was given, there was already public concern about inadequate levels of parking in the centre, particularly for residents of the flats. 
  3. The agreements Vale made with the developer for payments for off-site affordable housing in lieu of providing affordable housing on site was also controversial, as the payment amounts didn’t financially cover the actual cost of providing the number of affordable units Vale’s policies require. 
  4. Vale accepted a renegotiated lower sale price for the property based on the applicant’s claim of viability. Now the same arguments are being used to get us to allow even more development on the overdeveloped site. 
  5. These proposed changes would contravene the design requirements of the Botley SPD. 

I’d like this to be decided by Planning Committee please, if officers are minded to recommend approval.”

Updated COVID hub page

Updated COVID hub page

Our COVID-19 hub page has up-to-date information and links to help support the community during the pandemic.

Visit the page here:

The page includes links to the Botley Responders to find your local contact, and sections on how to find and give help, local medical and prescription services, shopping and deliveries, how to keep active, support lines and things to do locally and online.

If you have suggestions for improvements or additions to the page email

Also, please refer to the Government’s latest advice and links to services and advice here:

AGM online May 21st

AGM online May 21st

Thursday May 21st is the Parish Council AGM. Members of the public can join this and all meetings via Zoom. You will not appear on video and your mic will be muted unless you have submitted a question but you can listen and view all Councillors and observe the meeting. The agenda is available now on the Meetings Diary page and includes a unique Zoom link for the meeting.

Consultation: proposed move of Botley Post Office

Consultation: proposed move of Botley Post Office

Consultation open to 26th June on proposed move of Post Office into new Co-op store. The Post Office are consulting the public on a proposed move of our local branch from their current premises on Elms Parade to the new Co-operative store due to open this summer in West Way Place. You can find out more and respond to the survey here.

You can also download and read the full proposal with details of services, timing etc.

At the time of writing the Elms Parade branch is temporarily closed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Allotment fees waived

Allotment fees waived

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, to help people who would like to grow their own food, and to give a focus for healthy outdoor activity, the parish council has waived allotment fees for the year 2020. We have seven plots spare at the moment, and they are going fast! If you are interested in hiring a plot, please contact: Councillor Ms. A. MacKeith email: or Tel. 01865 724452.

More details and Allotment Rules can be found on the Allotments Committee page.

Photo by Kenan Kitchen on Unsplash

Parish Council meetings move online

Parish Council meetings move online

April 2nd is the first Parish Council meeting to be held online and is available for members of the public to join via computer, tablet or phone.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic Parish Council and Committee meetings will be held via online video conferencing using Zoom (website: Members of the public will be able to watch and listen via a link provided along with the agenda. The agendas continue to be placed in advance on noticeboards and on the Meetings Diary page of this website.

To attend the meeting check the Agenda and use the web link or phone number provided to join. There will be a separate link for each meeting.

The first time you use the link it may take a few minutes to install Zoom. Follow instructions on the screen. If using tablet or smart phone you may need to download an app so allow extra time. There is no need to set up a Zoom account yourself.

Members of the public will be able to see and hear Councillors on the screen, or hear on the telephone. But members of the public will be muted with the video turned off, and so will not appear on the screen or be heard. The exception will be if they are putting a question or are invited to speak by the Chair. If you have submitted a question and wish to speak at the meeting, please inform the Chair and Clerk if you would prefer to appear on video or to be audio only.

The meetings will be recorded as usual.

We have tested meeting in this way and are confident it can provide a good experience while we are unable to meet in person, but we would like to hear your feedback on the experience. Please email the Chair of the Communications Committee Lorna Berrett ( with any comments or suggestions.

COVID-19 hub

COVID-19 hub

Visit our hub page and help us keep it up-to-date by telling us what you are doing or are aware is happening in your street. Visit the page here:

We have an amazing community here in Botley and North Hinksey and many of you are helping out supporting the community at this difficult time. Please send us more information to keep the page up-to-date. Email the Website manager Lorna Berrett with your additions and updates.

Also, please refer to the Government’s latest advice and links to services and advice here: