Communications Committee

The remit of the Communications Committee is to review all current methods of communication, both internal and external, and to recommend to Council improvements to the content, structure and frequency of those communication methods. Also the Committee should identify additional methods of communication not currently used, and recommend how best to use them to improve the effectiveness of Council communications.

In 2018 the Council has approved the creation of a new website which the Communications Committee is working on for launch in November.

The current committee comprises Chair: Councillor Lorna Berrett, and members Councillor Chris Church, Councillor David Kay and Councillor Caroline Potter.

Minutes and reports:
  • April 2018 Communications Committee Minutes
  • January 2018 Communications Committee Minutes
  • September 2017 Communications Committee Minutes
  • April 3rd 2017 Minutes of Committee meeting
  • Communications Committee report to April NHPC meeting