Accounts & Budgets

2023-24 Budget

2023-24 Budget

Internal Audit 2022-23

Interim internal audit report 2022-23 approved by Council 22.12.15

2022 Notice of Public Rights

2022-23 Budget

NHPC budget 2022 23 with 3 year projections final approved

Community Infrastructure Levy

2021 2022 CIL Report

2019-2020 CIL Report

2020-2021 CIL Report

External Audit of Accounts & AGAR 2020-21

Statement from the Clerk regarding the External Audit Report

2021-Notice-of-Public-Rights NHPC FINAL


Explanation of ‘No’ answers in the Annual Internal Audit Report

Explanation of No responses in Section 1 Annual Governance Statement

AGAR Restatements Explanation v5

Explanation-of-variances-NHPC-2020-21 v3

NHPC Bank Reconciliation 2020-21 v2

Statement by the Clerk RFO

Internal Audit 2020-21


2021-2022 Budget:

NHPC Budget 2021-22 with 3 Year Budget Predictions FINAL APPROVED

2020-2021 Budget:

Budget for 2020-2021

External Audit of Accounts and AGAR 2019-2020

Internal Audit 2019-20

Annual CIL report North Hinksey Parish Council CIL Report for 2019-20

External Audit of Accounts 2018-2019

The following links cover the statutory requirements of the External Auditor

2018-2019 Annual Governance Accountability Returns and Audit Comments

You can click here to view a copy of NHPC’s 2018/19 accounts, as approved by the Internal Auditor and NHPC at its full Annual General meeting on 9th May 2019.

External Audit of Accounts 2017-2018

The following links cover the statutory requirements of the External Auditor
2017-2018 RFO Report Council – Audited Accounts 17-05-2018.doc 
2017-2018 Annual Report Incorporating the Audited Final Accounts Comp 10-05-2018.pdf
2017-2018 Annual Governance Accountability Returns and Audit Comments 05-10-2018.pdf
2017-2018 Notice of Conclusion of Audit 05-10-2018.pdf 


RFO Report to Council 25-05-2017

Approved Audited Accounts 25-05-2017


RFO Report to Council 17-05-2015

Approved Audited Accounts 17-05-2016

RFO Report to Council 21-04-2015
Approved Audited Accounts 30-04-2015

RFO Report to Council 15-05-2014
Approved Audited Accounts 09-05-2014

RFO Report to Council 24-05-2013
Approved Audited Accounts 28-05-2013