Photo of 20 Mph sign

Survey on proposed 20mph zone in Botley

Have your say: Should North Hinksey Parish be a 20mph zone?

This question was proposed by Councillor Alisatair Bastin at the Annual Parish Meeting in March and he requested that the Parish Council should consider holding an online survey in order to gauge parishioners’ opinions more widely. A poll was taken with 87 in favour and 8 against so it was agreed to go ahead with the survey.

Complete the survey here.

Reasons for voting Yes include:

  • Air Quality – it takes more than twice as much energy to go from 0 to 30mph as it does to go from 0 to 20mph, so more than twice as much pollution from exhausts and brake dust. Reducing the speed limit will reduce pollution and improve air quality.
  • Road Safety – 20mph zones reduce injury accidents (including to children) by as much as two thirds. See details here.
  • 20mph is the standard for residential roads in Oxford City since 2009.

Read more about the national Twenty is Plenty campaign at