Partial view of Pavilion and Scout hut

Update on Scout hut and Pavilion

The offer of a free lease to April 2022 has not been taken up by the Scouts and they have now moved out of the Scout Hut.

NHPC Chairman David Kay said: 

“In response to the press release issued by the 4th Oxford Scout Group, we would like to make it clear that  the Scouts, themselves, have chosen to vacate the Scout Hut on Arnold’s Way at this time despite having the option of signing a rent-free lease that would have seen them remaining in place until at least April 2022.

We have repeatedly offered to meet with the Scouts to discuss ways forward over the past few years to no avail. Our plan remains to replace the current dilapidated buildings on the site with a new pavilion that is suitable for use by all community groups. This means that we are unable to meet the Scouts’ demand for a new 20 year lease.”

Public Meeting: Development plans for the area around the current the Pavilion and Scout Hut will be on the Agenda for the Annual Parish Meeting on 18th March which will be online and to which all parishioners are invited. Look out for the separate news item and Agenda coming soon on this website.

In response to requests, NHPC has created a webpage- Scout hut lease background where you can see a timeline and access documentation of previous decisions taken by Council in relation to a lease agreement with the 4th Oxford Scouts.