Scout Hut: update, and public meeting

Update: new free lease offered to 2022. Background: new webpage. Public meeting: more information in January.

In response to requests, NHPC has created a webpage- Scout hut lease background where you can see a timeline and access documentation of previous decisions taken by Council in relation to a lease agreement with the 4th Oxford Scouts.

Update: At its meeting on 17th December Council passed the following resolutions: 

  • To extend the period that the Scouts Group are allowed access to the Scout Hut to remove their belongings to a later deadline of 1st March 2021, by which time they must vacate the premises. 
  • To separately make a new offer to the Scout Group of a short-term lease, with the terms being the same as included in the previous 1 year lease offered to them in July 2020 other than the expiry date of this new lease now being set at 30th April 2022. There is a deadline of 24th February 2021 for returning a signed copy of this new lease, which, if met, negates the need for the Scout Group to vacate the premises by 1st March 2021. Should this deadline not be met then that deadline for vacating the Scout Hut remains in place. 
  • Plan for a public meeting to re-engage the community on options for the future of both the Pavilion and the Scout Hut. A proposal on this will be presented at the January meeting. 
  • The Clerk to write to Knights asking them to convey the above decisions to the Scouts. 

Note: Public Meeting likely to be online.