West Way new planning application: deadline extended to 3rd June

Nine storeys and 30 flats extra proposed, have your say by 3rd June (extended from 30th May). Botley Development Company (BDC) has submitted an application for changes to the plans for the residential block in phase 2 of the West Way redevelopment. The changes are to add an extra storey taking it from 8 to 9 storeys to include an extra 30 flats. This is open for comments from the public until 30th May.

You can access the application to read and comment here (it can take a minute to load).

North Hinksey Parish Council have objected to this planning application. We have based our comments on material grounds and guided by the comments sent in by District Councillor Debby Hallett when she called in the application, meaning it has to be discussed at a District Council Planning Meeting. Debby has permitted us to share her comments as information for all parishioners:

“I am writing to call in the above application, which is a modification of the approved plans for part of West Way in Botley. It adds 30 flats and height to the building called Block A.
There are a few concerns:

  1. This increases the height and presence of an already very tall building in Botley, which as you know, is a largely low-rise residential area. There was much public outcry over the original height. Now that another of the tall buildings is nearing completion, the public are dismayed at how prevalent the Big White Building is from all views of the area from Elms Rise and elsewhere. 
  2. For all the new flats proposed, there is no increase in parking provision. You may recall when the original permission was given, there was already public concern about inadequate levels of parking in the centre, particularly for residents of the flats. 
  3. The agreements Vale made with the developer for payments for off-site affordable housing in lieu of providing affordable housing on site was also controversial, as the payment amounts didn’t financially cover the actual cost of providing the number of affordable units Vale’s policies require. 
  4. Vale accepted a renegotiated lower sale price for the property based on the applicant’s claim of viability. Now the same arguments are being used to get us to allow even more development on the overdeveloped site. 
  5. These proposed changes would contravene the design requirements of the Botley SPD. 

I’d like this to be decided by Planning Committee please, if officers are minded to recommend approval.”