Aerial view of Upper Playing Field

Vacancy: Part–Time Caretaker for Louie Memorial Pavilion & Fields

The Parish Council is looking to appoint a new part-time caretaker, at a gross salary of £248.88p a month for an average of 24 hours a month over the year. The actual hours worked will fluctuate between summer and winter months. 

The pavilion is run by a management committee and the caretaker’s work will involve liaising and working with that management committee.    

The main duties of the post include: –

  • Line marking of the football pitch (on average two/three times a month during the football season).
  • Visiting the Pavilion three times a week to check the building and undertake any minor maintenance
    work, safety checks etc; liaising with the Parish Clerk to arrange any statutory building checks e.g. fire extinguishers, electrical certificates.
  • Weekly Play Equipment Safety Checks on the Upper and Lower Louis Memorial Field Play areas; completing the ROSPA report form and returning it to the Parish Clerk.  (Training will be given for this duty)
  • Weekly, monthly and annual maintenance checks on the defibrillator cabinet
  • Maintaining the main hall, kitchen, changing rooms and showers.
  • Cleaning the MUGA and Children’s Shelter area to remove litter etc. and the general maintenance of the Trim Trail equipment. 
  • Strim the following areas: –
  • i).  The outside of the Pavilion building for long grass when necessary.
  • ii).  Strim along the inner car park fencing at least once a year
  • iii).  If found necessary strim along the MUGA outer fencing and trim trail equipment.
  • Litter Picking as necessary in the ‘Lower’ playing field, children’s play area, the copse main paths, the
    ‘Upper’ playing field, its play equipment areas and the Children’s Shelter: reporting any safety hazards.
  • Lime Road Bus Shelter – Clean out once a week.
  • Other reasonable duties as requested by the Parish Council.

Please apply in writing  to the Parish Clerk by e mail: or by post to 29 Long Close Botley Oxford, OX2 9SG  by 12 noon on  Monday 10th June 2019.